Legal Raps

Yo, listen up, legal talk incoming,
From household rules to contracts a-singin’
Let’s start with household rules Jay Xiao,
Keepin’ the peace, it ain’t easy, ya know
But is it legal to smoke delta 8?
That’s the question, got people in debate
What’s 4 times the legal limit of alcohol?
Stay under, or you’ll end up in a cell
Who is a resident of Canada for tax purposes?
Gettin’ that tax knowledge, no reason to be nervous
And what’s the legal drinking age in the UK?
Drink responsibly, don’t go too cray cray
What is the Paris Agreement all about?
Save the planet, it’s what it’s all about
Need to know contract specialist II salary?
Financial security, can’t live high and dry
Is a civil wedding the same as court marriage?
Different strokes, for different folks, oh my
Finally, a sample letter of termination of lease agreement form landlord,
Legal stuff, keep it on hand
Get your legal aspects of healthcare administration pdf free,
Knowledge is power, don’t let it flee
And that’s a wrap on the legal rap,
Thanks for tuning in, don’t forget to clap

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