Software For Working With Partners and Investors

If you are working with partners or investors, software tools can help streamline processes and enhance communication. Here are a few of the best software tools for coordinating multi-level initiatives:

Atlassian is a producer and distributor of collaboration tools, provides SaaS solutions for teams of any size. These tools simplify complicated projects by enhancing communication and organization. Atlassian is one example. It has a tier program that rewards partners each time they reach their sales goals and complete their training courses. This reduces friction and helps that team members are focused on the most important tasks.

Deal sourcing is one of the most important tasks for venture capital and private equity firms. To avoid costly mistakes, VCs rely upon software to validate and automate manual data entry process for contacts, revenue, EBITDA and other information about the companies they invest with. Solutions like 4degrees and Affinity let VCs effectively manage relationships with founders, investors and other stakeholders through providing one unified platform for managing deals.

Partner relationship management (PRM) tools combine an experience for partners on a portal with automated automation that is managed by an administrator to give a one-stop shop. They are designed to help key partnership types, including reseller, affiliate and co-delivery relationships, and also marketing development funds (MDF) and short-term sales contests, known as SPIFFs.

LPs are keen to know that their portfolio managers have a clear picture of their connections and an well-planned strategy for leveraging their relationships. In order to achieve this, they need software that integrates the private equity fund’s data with information from third-party sources, such as PitchBook, Preqin SourceScrub and Sutton Place Strategies. Combining this data with information from the deal and investment committee the fund can pinpoint promising opportunities, cultivate relationships with the portfolio companies and make better choices for future investments.

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